Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Benefits of Having a Water Filtration System

Whether for weight loss, clear skin, or just overall health, drinking water frequently is a huge boon to any healthy lifestyle. But without the proper filtration, excess water may introduce unwanted substances into the body. These benefits of a water filtration system will illuminate why drinking filtered could make all the difference.

Reduction of Dangerous Substances

There are numerous health benefits to drinking filtered water due to all of the potentially harmful substances that it removes from unfiltered water. Among them are arsenic, aluminum, disinfection byproducts, and fluoride found in common plumbing. These substances can sometimes be associated with cancer, Alzheimer's, skin problems, and a weakened immune system, and so reducing their consumption can prevent numerous conditions.

Better Than Bottled

Clear water droplet The logical question when considering a water filtration system is often, "Why not just use bottled water?" Well, the truth is, bottled water may not be as filtered as it seems. According to a report by, about 45 percent of bottled water comes from a municipal water supply. Also, the plastic itself, which is created with BPA, has been linked to some health problems such as learning and behavioral problems, obesity, and prostate and breast cancer.

Benefits of Pure Water

It's clear that consuming water regularly is helpful to overall health, but what are some of the advantages of intaking pure and clean water? It can spur the body's ability to absorb nutrients, help in weight loss, provide clearer and more hydrated skin, detoxify the body, and increase alertness throughout the day—without any of the concerns associated with unfiltered water.

Environmental Benefits

Saying yes to a water filtration system means saying no to bottled water, which contributes to pollution at an alarming rate. Plastic takes at least 300 years to biodegrade, and it takes three times as much water to produce a plastic water bottle than it does to fill it! Even bottles that are recycled require the use of petroleum in the process, making it hard to deny that filtered water is a more eco-friendly way to go.

Whether for the self or the environment, filtering water is full of benefits. With simple installation by a trusted company, it's a clear choice. Contact Carl F Riedell & Son, Inc., for more information on a water filtration system.

Friday, May 5, 2017

4 Benefits of Operating a Family Business

When a family pulls together to operate a company, it benefits everyone involved. Family businesses can create family-wide financial security, build bonds between extended family members, allow flexible scheduling for childcare, and pass on skills to future generations.

Financial Security

Often, family businesses support multiple family members within a larger extended family, from siblings to distant cousins. This can secure the finances of many branches of the family, allowing them to invest back into the company for future growth.

Strengthening Bonds

When family members work together, they usually become closer. For example, grandparents and grandchildren may be from different generations, but when they function as coworkers, they share experiences with each other and gain a better understanding of each others' values.

Flexible Schedules

When family members share a work schedule, it can be easier to juggle other family responsibilities, such as school and childcare. Parents can more easily trade work shifts if they work for the same company, and managers are more likely to allow time off for family reasons when it's their family in question.

Developing Skills

Working in a family business can be an ideal way for members to gain valuable trade skills that aren't ordinarily taught in schools, such as plumbing, construction, or masonry. Keeping this knowledge in the family is a wonderful way to pass down skills to the next generation.